Designing for YOU vs. Designing for Someone LIKE You

If you read my last post, you know I’m passionate about doing great work for people that is personal and meaningful. Getting married is such a big deal!

Hopefully you’ve seen “The Karate Kid” or what I’m about to say won’t make sense. Just in case, here’s the clip.  Mr. Miyagi says “Either you karate do yes or karate do no. You karate do ‘Guess so’ get squished like grape.” That’s how I feel about wedding invitations. I have respect for those of you that are DIY’ing your weddings, invites and all. Have at it! It shows your style, personality, and your care. And because it’s what I do, I love working with couples to come up with great designs. For me, ordering a pre-packaged design from some website is, well, like getting squished like a grape. Every couple I’ve worked with is different and unique, and choosing from a list of “popular designs” on a nameless/faceless website just doesn’t feel right. We’ve already talked about how you’re not really saving money doing that either. And because anyone can have the same thing as you, what makes is special?

So I’m going to climb down off my “Soap Box in Favor of Custom Design” (which is located right next to my “Soap Box in Favor of Supporting Small Businesses”) and share this infographic that will lay out why custom design is so much more special.

Design for you

And in case you’re wondering, I feel this way about most things. Why not be original if you can be?