Wedding Inspiration

Looking for ideas for your wedding invitations? If you’ve never had to design something like this before, it can be challenging. You want something that looks good, will stand the test of time (think of sitting with your grown children showing them your wedding album!). You also want something that is unique and fresh. So what do you do?

First, what’s in? Check out the Blue Canary Color Inspiration Pinterest Board. Get some ideas of colors that can work together. I custom mix my inks to match your colors, so anything is possible!

Here are some design ideas to help you hone in on what kinds of design and elements you want for your invitations. My suggestion is to not just look at the individual invitations, but to look at the elements. Is there a typeface that you like? Is there imagery you like or a shape or motif? I tried to give examples of lots of different kinds of type, visual interest, and style to help you consider the possibilities!

Here you go!

This as a really fun couple to work with. They wanted a playful design that included their dog, Maggie. They also wanted people to laugh when they read it. There was a little inside joke about how many people were in the bridal party, so we worked that in on the RSVP.


This couple got married at historic Wye Island and wanted the Wye Oak represented. In addition to invitations and RSVP cards, this suite included Thank You tags that were used to tie the silverware and napkins at the reception.


Meg and Milton had a great sense of humor and wanted that reflected in their invitaitons. A little icon of the venue helped people to know where they were going. The cornflower blue and yellow were great compliments to each other. This invitation was printed by Jodi and designed by Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson.


This invitation was for a rehearsal dinner aboard the Chester River Packet. The mother of the groom wanted something representative of the river, without crabs, birds, or water. A hint of river reeds did the trick.


This is one of the first wedding invitations I ever printed and remains one of my favorites. The couple were getting married at a farm, and wanted to suggest a barn door. The invitation is 6″ square, with the cover folding at 4.5″ to work and look like a barn door. It’s hard to tell in the picture, but it also included a “blind deboss” detail of the wood texture, so that when you hold it, it looks and feels like wood. Printed by Jodi, designed by Robbi Behr & Matthew Swanson.