Why Blue Canary?

My name is Jodi, and I love letterpress and weddings!

When I thought about opening Blue Canary Letterpress, I knew right away I wanted to work with couples planning for their wedding. I love weddings! The flowers, the dress, the tuxes, cake, dancing, and the whole package. It’s always just such an amazing day of joy for the couple getting married and for all of the people in their life that love them and have watched them grow together.

There aren’t any other printers in Chestertown or anywhere nearby that can do what I do in my shop. With most places, you click or point at a design, give them your name, location, date and one day your invites show up. With me, you get to be part of the process as much or as little as you want. Instead of picking a design, I create one for you that no one else will have. You’ll get updates and pictures of the process, and you can even come to my shop to watch me make them!

Here is what you get if you choose to work with me for your wedding or event.

  • Great design – I love creating imagery for couples that perfectly capture what you have planned for your wedding day.
  • Amazing service – We’ll work together to come up with something amazing. If you have a question, you’ll have my number and my email, not a hotline staffed by agents.
  • Quality – I will make sure every piece in your wedding invitation suite is perfect. I use only the finest materials. I hand mix the ink to match, and I hand cut the paper to print to make sure it’s all perfect.
  • Fun! – Getting married is such a special time. You should get what you want. The day you receive the box that contains your invitations should be exciting! I want you to enjoy the experience of imagining your wedding invitations and seeing them come to life from start to finish.

Please call or email or call to get started. Even if you don’t know your dates yet, or the venue, I can help you get started. I’ll help you make sure your friends and family make it to see you on your wedding day!sig