Wedding Logos – 3 Reasons You Should Have One

Wedding Logos – 3 Reasons You Should Have One

A big trend in recent years has been wedding logos. Just like the iconic Nike swoosh, the Apple icon, and Facebook F in a blue box, engaged couples are choosing to brand their weddings. And this is a great idea! I’ll tell you why.

It Unifies You Design Choices

Having a logo makes it easy to have one reference point for all of your other design elements. A carefully created wedding logo will reflect your colors and style and distill all the ribbons, lace, flowers, and all of those tiny details into an easy to identify image.

Here is a logo I did for a wedding recently. The bride and groom were a young couple with a sense of fun and wanted that reflected in their design choice. They also are the proud parents of a great big adorable retriever named Maggie. Their wedding colors were blue and coral. All of the design choices were unified around this one idea that encapsulates who they are as a couple and the day they had planned.

Wedding Logo


It Makes It Easy

Once you create your iconic image, you will want to use it across all of the imagery related to your wedding. Wedding website? Use the logo in the header. You can also use it as your favicon (that little image next to the website name in the tab – like the little canary at the top of this page). Facebook updates? Use it so your friends and family will recognize this update is about your wedding. Signs pointing to the venue? Use the logo so your friends and family will know they are headed in the right direction.

Wedding Reception Sign


It Makes People Feel Included

Your friends and family are so happy for you! The logo you create gives them a visual image to attach to that feeling. When they see it in their Twitter feed, they’ll know what it’s about. When they get the invitation in the mail and see the logo on the envelope, they’ll know that piece of mail is special. And that you sent it to them will make them feel special too. When they get your thank you card after the wedding, it will keep that joy going.

Thank You Dandelion

Tune in next time when we talk about how to create your logo!